Our Story

The story of Alberto’s Churros began more than 20 years ago…

Alberto Araujo met his future bride Elsa while they were both working in a Buenos Aires bookstore in 1968. The happy couple soon began their adventure as a married couple when they moved to California before relocating to Washington State in 1972. Before long, the Araujos became a family with a son, a daughter, and a new bakery in Seattle’s University District.

In 1995, the Araujos began planning for a new adventure: Selling homemade, wholesale churros to local restaurants. The team would hand-craft the churros in the bakery, freeze the dough at the peak of freshness, and provide the ready-to-fry product to commercial kitchens.

The family officially debuted their take on the Latin classic to the American market in 1996. Puget Sound restaurants fell in love with the Araujo family recipe and quickly took to the concept of 100% authentic churros with an extended shelf life that could be fried and served fresh to customers on-demand.

Alberto’s soon left the bakery business to focus strictly on perfecting their churros. When Alberto passed away in 2003, his commitment to fresh, authentic, family-recipe churros lived on. Now in Edmonds, Washington, Elsa and her team are proud to continue the tradition and carry on the Alberto’s Churros legacy in restaurants nationwide.

What is a churro?

While the jury is out on the exact origin of the churro, the delicacy was likely created long ago by nomadic Spanish shepherds as a sort of on-the-go alternative to bakery goods. Churro dough was easy to make and fry in an open fire in the mountains where the shepherds spent most of their time. The churro eventually made its way to the New World via South America and went on to become a staple dessert throughout Latin America.

A churro is not a doughnut. An authentic churro stands alone as a one-of-a-kind confection. Contrary to popular belief, churros are not exclusive to Mexican-themed restaurants. They have long been a homemade treat with many different recipe variations — from sweet to savory and plain to filled. Alberto’s aims to bring several creative forms of the dessert churro into restaurant kitchens to help staff delight diners.