Our Churros

We’re proud to offer four churro variations to cater to each distributor’s unique menu needs. Every Alberto’s Churro starts with a proprietary batter that is 100% vegan, available GMO-free, and designed to stand up to deep-frying without retaining excess oil. The mixture is piped through an extruder, emerging as long, ridged, star-shaped strands. The final result? A unique and authentic product you can be proud to serve — one that is light and cakey rather than greasy. Take a look at our distributor’s list to see where you can order Alberto’s churros wholesale.

Cooked Churros

If you need ready-to-eat churros for your restaurant customers or event guests, our classic churro is now available fully prepared. We cook each churro so it is delicately crisp on the outside and soft and cakey on the inside, then we sprinkle them with their signature cinnamon-sugar coating. All the magic happens in our kitchen, so all you need to do is heat and serve!

Filled Churros

Is there anything better than a crisp and warm churro? Well, a churro stuffed with a rich and creamy or fruity filling offers some stiff competition. In this product, our classic churro gets an indulgent makeover when we pipe homemade Bavarian Cream or Strawberry filling into the center. A decadent surprise will delight every sweet-toothed customer that bites into their own filled churro.

Churro Cups

Alberto’s Churro Cups are engineered to be the ideal vessel for any dessert. Fill with a scoop of ice cream for a unique sundae, use to serve fresh fruit topped with whipped cream, or fill with bite-sized candies and use as a delicious serving bowl at your event’s dessert or party favor table. The best part is, once its contents are gone, your guests get to eat the bowl!