Cooking Instructions

Uncooked Churros

The classic way to eat an Alberto’s Churro. The dough is frozen to preserve freshness and extend shelf life up to 12 months in the freezer. Each churro comes ready to deep fry, so busy kitchen staff can serve them up on-demand while they’re still hot and fresh. After cooking, simply roll in cinnamon-sugar and plate. Serve à la carte or get creative with toppings such as whipped cream, chocolate sauce, fresh fruit, shredded coconut, or anything your team dreams up.


How to make the perfect Alberto’s churro

Keep churros frozen and covered at all times until ready to cook. Do not thaw. Churros will keep in your freezer for up to twelve (12) months.
It is recommended that our churros be cooked in the cleanest, clearest oil possible.
If the oil is too dark, the churro will appear dark sooner – giving the impression it may be fully cooked before it is.
Cut each churro in three or four pieces before cooking. Suggested order is two 12-inch churros cut into three pieces. Please note: Filled churros should be fried whole and not cut so that the filling doesn’t leak out during cooking.
Deep fry at 360º F for no less than three (3) minutes. Then roll them in cinnamon and sugar: ten (10) parts sugar and one (1) part of cinnamon.
Let the churros cool for two (2) minutes before serving.
The most traditional way of serving churros is just this way – they need nothing more to be mouth-watering and delicious! Enjoy!

Como hacer el churro perfecto

Mantengalos frizados en todo momento hasta que esten listos para freir.
Corte cada churros en 3 o 4 pedazos antes de freirlos
Se recomienda que el aceite este claro
Freirlos a 360 F por no menos de 3 minutos
Hagalos rodar en canela y azucar, y dejelos reposar por 2 minutos
Decorelos con dulce de leche, chocolate, dulce de fresa, y crema batida
Tambien son deliciosos con miel. A sus clientes les encantara!