• Give yourself the pleasure of enjoying Alberto's Churros filled.
  • If the plain churros are good, then filled churros are even better.
  • Get the same great crunchy  flavor and texture outside with our filled churros.
  • Filling choices include Bavarian Cream or Strawberry.
  • One bite and these filled churros will become your favorite dessert.
  • Remember to ask always for Alberto's Churros.

The consistency of churros is like bread - they can’t be compared to a doughnut, a waffle or cinnamon stick as Alberto’s do not contain eggs.

Alberto's Churros include only the best, freshest ingredients.

Alberto’s flour is the most essential with a pinch of lemon in the dough to give a unique flavor and the “star” shape, while producing a crispy outside and a soft inside. Churros have been long enjoyed in South America and are becoming more popular throughout North America.
Alberto’s Churros began business in Washington State in 1996. An original recipe was then adapted to the climate and weather of the Pacific Northwest.

Because of our proprietary production process and when deep fried at the recommended time and temperature, Alberto's Churros don't retain oil, fat and grease like other fried foods.

When owners of area Mexican restaurants gave Alberto's Churros a try, nearly all are reminded of the unique flavor and taste of the churros of their youth. Their and customer recommendation have helped spread the word about
Alberto’s Churros to contribute toward its popularity.

You can enjoy churros for breakfast, in late afternoon, or at the end of a long night out. They are also an essential part of local festivals and events when sold from street stands.

Churros are made from a dense, smooth batter of flour, water, and salt. The mixture is piped through an extruder, emerging as long, ridged strips.
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